Neurofeedback can help you:
Strengthen attention, focus, learning, creativity, memory, and intuition.
Gain greater control of behavior, emotions and racing thoughts. Brighten and stabilize mood and deal with post traumatic…


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Change your Life with Neurofeedback - Peter Van Deusen

WIN: What if it's not a disease?

From Clients to Trainers - Jody Esch and Chelsey Bancarz

WIN: Brain Energy Habits

Asperger’s and Neurofeedback: A report 20 years later

How Neurofeedback Can Help Our Children - Mariana Pavan

WIN: Train the Brain Like the Body

Learning Neurofeedback from Afar: An Australian/Romanian Experience of Remote Training: Mark Darling

WIN: The Feedback Mirror

Comparison Between Neurofeedback Systems - Claudio Nagel

WIN: Whole-Brain Training

Neurofeedback Within a Pharmaceutical Company - Mexico


Creativity - Peter Van Deusen

Clinician Adds Neurofeedback to Her Practice

An Alternative to Normative Brain Assessment - Peter Van Deusen

WIN: Train the Brain Like the Body

Neurofeedback for Sensory Sensitivity and Attention - Nidha Farooq

WIN: The Feedback Mirror

Homeschooling for the Brain: Peter Van Deusen

WIN: Whole-Brain Training


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